Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hey Big Spender

To celebrate on J's last night in town, we went to the most critically acclaimed restaurant in Sydney - Tetsuya's. For AU$180, we were treated to 10 courses of small plates, 5 fish, 2 meat, and 3 dessert. Jason and I also opted for the oyster course and the wine pairing for an extra hundred. It was worth it. The Riesling and the dessert wine were like nectar of the gods, and the other wines were not drainworthy at all. I loved their signature trout and the Tetsuya interpretation of the strawberry shortcake. Everything was fab and polished off, yet I did not feel ready to explode at the end. The lack of music is a little eerie, but overall it was a definite fun experience.

Jason and I both enjoyed East Ocean the other night, but J got freaked out by the hanging animal carcasses and the live fish being hauled in plastic bags to an imminent death. We missed yum cha (Australian for dim sum), but the regular menu was quite good.

We all agree that, for better or for worse, Sydney is really not so foreign when compared with the US. The two J's best described it as being like "California, but with nicer, more genuine people." (My Cali friends excluded from the description, of course :) )