Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bad Hair Decade

I've noticed several dudes around Sydney with bad hair. When I picked up Jason at the hairport I counted five mullets, two or three spiky "things", and two rattails in the arrivals area, mostly on Asian or Arab guys. Because I did not want to get my ass kicked, I resisted the temptation to photograph the offenders. On Oxford Street I spotted a lullet in its natural habitat. I've also seen some western-suburb folks sporting variations on the mullet theme, with the sides shaved, spiky tips highlighted, or other general mulletness going on. Some folks at work claim that this is an "American" thing. Then when they showed me their joke History of Mullets slide show, I noted that all the pictures of "Americans" are from 20 years ago. Yecch.

Note to any Ozzies with mullets or those contemplating the haircut: Mullets went out of style in the 80's for a reason. Americans make fun of mullets. They inspire every stereotype and caricature of ugly-Americanism and redneck-dom you can think of. Even Johnny Damon got rid of his shaggy quasi-mullet (thank you George Steinbrenner). To resurrect another relic from the Go-go 80's - JUST SAY NO!