Sunday, August 06, 2006

Blue Mountains

J and I took a trip up to the Blue Mountains. Initially we wanted to go to the Jenolan Caves, but it seemed that the tour would be too much travelling for the amount we would get to do. (I wish J could have stayed longer, but he has a new job to start.)

As it turned out, we should have booked a tour to the Caves. The trains up to the Blue Mountains were not running over the weekend due to track work, so we had to take a bus. This added about an hour onto our transit each way, and the ride was so herky-jerky that I got really nauseous. (I have been plagued with motion sickness since childhood, and it's really bad on car rides that lurch a lot with not much fresh air.) The screaming rugrats didn't help. In addition to the sucky ride up there, it started to rain. It stopped while we did an easy 3km hike around Echo Point, and then started after dinner when we had to catch the return bus.

J left this morning. I miss him already :(...