Friday, August 25, 2006

The Final Countdown

My folks left tonight. So it's just me in the apartment for one more week, and then I too am setting sail (wings?) for home. I will miss being coddled. Almost strangled my father with his cell phone charger cord last night for plugging it into my brand-spanking-new all-in-one international adapter and burning it out. (He forgot to check if the charger was dual current; it wasn't.)

My parents really packed it in this week - Tuesday they went to see the Blue Mountains, and Wednesday they did a brutal all-day tour to Canberra. Why my father wanted to see Canberra I still don't know; he still pronounces it can-BEAR-ah (Note to folks at home - the correct Ozzie pronunciation is CAN-bra). Needless to say, they are wiped out.

I will be home in eight days. This has gone really fast.