Saturday, September 02, 2006

I'm On My Way!

Currently hanging out in the oneworld lounge in LAX. Due to the remnants of Tropical Storm Ernesto slamming into the northeast, I am stranded in La La Land for 5 hours. The 14-hour flight from Sydney was quite pleasant. Watched Basic Instinct 2 (God-awful) and The Castle (an Aussie comedy a co-worker recommended), did some crocheting, and cut through a wretched book that I just finished here. Hoping my case of wine makes it intact to NYC. Made it through customs without paying a cent of duty on my 7.1 liters of wine and .65 carat black opal - ROCK!

One thing I don't understand - why do parents insist on traipsing very young children on long plane journeys? Two toddlers screamed their heads off during descent into LA because they could not release the pressure in their ears. The brood was sitting in biz class no less. ARGH! I am not ready for childrearing.

My wine importation crisis is averted - I found a store in Jersey that carries most of the labels for ANZ that I like. Look out for Hungover Down Under coming next month! I need to recover from this trip and Alaska first.