Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Very shocking to wake up after getting back from Oz and hear about Steve Irwin. What was even more heartwrenching is that he died the day after Ozzie Dad's Day. He and his daughter were interviewed for Marie Claire's Father's Day special: (from NYPost):
Bindi Irwin gushed, "I love that he's funny, he's entertaining, and he's always there when I need him most.
"I'm proud to have a dad like that, one who takes on conservation issues around the world. I love him very, very much."
It was part of Steve Irwin's final interview, one he particularly cherished because it included photos of him and Bindi, with whom he was filming a TV series before he was freakishly killed by a stingray Sunday off Australia's Great Barrier Reef, Sydney's Daily Telegraph reported.
Irwin admitted to the mag that while he had been refusing interviews of late, he wanted to do this one because it was "something he and Bindi could do together," a spokeswoman said.
"I'd do anything to spend time with my daughter," the dad said, obviously bursting with pride that his budding-adventurer offspring was following in his footsteps and is "passionate about animals."

[sniff sniff] The world lost a good one.