Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mahb Scene

My friend and neighbor turned 29 tonight. In the grand scheme of Kevin Bacon, he is the frat brother of my high school classmate, who went to camp with my friend from around the corner. He picked a fantastic Sicilian restaurant downtown to observer the occasion. The waitress spoke minimal English, and somehow she picked me up on her radar. After a bottle of Sicilian Shiraz (who knew?), two Chiantis, involtini de melanzane, grilled calamari, cuttlefish ink arancine, and half a massive calzone (farcito), we moved onto Swift down the street.

I manage to spend all of my money, get free drinks with minimal effort, and swing a ride home with M's roommate. It was a bit crazy - M got very intoxicated, became my wingman, and left without bidding his fellow celebrants adieu. Plus, I made out with someone in public for the first time in almost three years. That's usually an indicator of a successful birthday. Woo woo!