Saturday, February 24, 2007

O Canada

Headed to Vancouver Thursday night for one action-packed day of work on Friday. Returned tonight. Was denied from getting biz class tickets (wah!), but Cathay Pacific has quality service in economy, probably better than some American airlines' first class. We also got upgraded to business class on the way home since economy was full. The color scheme is a little jarring - several shades of teal and turquoise upholstery, red/purple/red and white uniforms, disco-brothel mood lighting.

Vancouver is breathtakingly beautiful. The late-night lights on the ski mountains unnerved me a little, but the Hyatt was fantastic. Despite arriving at 2am local time, I slept like a baby. Unfortunately we did not have too much time to wander around, but we will be heading back soon for a longer period of time. The city is being built up, I'm sure partially for the 2010 Winter Olympics, and the view of Coal Harbour from the Imperial Chinese restaurant was already gone. Luckily, the crab with ginger and green onion made it worthwhile.