Friday, February 09, 2007

Dump Delta

My trip to N'Awlins was seriously marred and almost ruined by Delta's horrendous delays and even worse customer service in ATL. Here's a summary of what happened:

  • The plane is late arriving into LGA and took off an hour late.
  • We had 20 minutes to make our connection, but we had get from Terminal A to Terminal E.
  • When the gate agent saw us running down the hallway to make the flight with about 10 minutes to go, they shut the door on us and then yelled at us. Didn't even try to help us, didn't tell us we had been rebooked, just yelled and told us to go to customer service (all the way in Terminal T).
  • Customer service was rude (whatever happened to Southern hospitality?), told me that I obviously don't fly very often (are you kidding?), threatened to have my boyfriend arrested for exclaiming "This is crap!", and then made us pay for the hotel, hiding behind Air Traffic Control as the reason why we were stranded.

The horrible customer service agent was wearing a "Keep Delta MY Delta" lanyard. At this point, US Airways can have Delta, PLEASE! I would expect top-notch service at a company's HQ. Plus, the more I look around on Flyertalk and in Google, it seems that this is an endemic problem and not a fluke.