Monday, January 01, 2007

Danke shoen

For New Years Eve, J and I ventured to Chicago to hang out with his frat brother. He is the chef/restaurant consultant that made the feast for us in October. Unfortunately, some of our friends were unable to join us, so the three of us consumed 11 courses of food meant for 5 people over 3 days. It was very enjoyable; I passed out on the couch after the main course and the midnight champagne.

The boys wanted to go see the Bears-Packers game at nearby Soldier Field, but I vetoed that on the grounds that a) I was still recovering from bronchitis, which is aggravated by cold weather (although it was relatively balmy in Chi-town this past weekend); and b) I loathe football. Being a nice girlfriend, I allowed them to watch it on TV. Given the Bears' horrific loss, it appears that they were beter off saving money on the ticket price and watching from the creature comfort of A's swank loft.

We also went for dim sum before heading back to Newark. Luckily, we were not delayed as much as Continental's website indicated.

I am now low-carbing it a la South Beach Phase 1. My main resolution this year is to drop all the weight I gained last year (argh!) and then some. I will motivate myself with a massive shopping spree in early spring if I drop a size or two.

Happy 2007 everyone, and thanks for reading my drivel for the past three years :).