Sunday, October 29, 2006


J's friend A is a chef/restaurant consultant. Since he has been working in Baltimore, a couple of us descended on a mutual friend's apartment to feast on his cooking. I was sous chef :). Everything was so good, I left nothing on any plate.

With gale-force winds attacking the northeast, I took Amtrak down to DC. The Regional seemed to take forever, especially with three yakety-yaks sitting in front of me. With only 700 miles to go until I hit silver status on Delta again (not like it's worth it), I really wanted to fly, but I most likely would have never left NYC. I ended up missing the opening hours for the Bible exhibit at the Sackler; the rest of the gallery is very nice though, especially the free admission.

Sunday we went to Wegman's, to which I have not visited since after the Finger Lakes Wine Fest last year. Yeay for Wegmans!