Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who's Second-Class Now?

To those of you in finance who would pooh-pooh my "second-class, support staff" IT management job:

F*ck you very much for entangling every bank in derivatives, mortgage securities, credit default swaps, naked short sells, and God knows what else you probably didn't even understand. As a result, you have proceeded to grind almost every country's economy (except Iraq's) to a halt, reduce the stock exchanges to amusement park rides, and ensure that thousands of baby-boomers now have to work at least five more years before retiring. Hope you enjoyed your black cars, "team-building conferences" in posh locales, and bottle service while they lasted. Do you sweat out every arrival praying the building security are not waiting to escort you right back out? Even worse, how does it feel to wait for your paltry unemployment check (relative to your bloated salary) while you search for yet another soul-sucking produce-nothing job? Sorry that the rest of the population isn't commiserating with you. By the by, I still have my "second-class" job, at the same salary, and I'm headed to sunnier climes for an undefined period of time on business.

Karma's a bitch, ain't it?