Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nazdravy na Praha

My sorority sister K and I have headed to Prague for a few days. I like it very much because :

  • It's very walkable
  • It's much cheaper than the Euro zone countries
  • Food is very edible and beer is very quaffable
  • There is a lot of culture
  • My good friend Y from college is our personal tour guide (although I happened to catch him while he struggles with his separation and decision to divorce)

The flight over here on Czech Airlines was a little scary. They have Airbus 310s crossing the Atlantic. They especially look like dwarves at JFK Terminal 4 next to the South African and Emirates behemoths. There is zero leg room in coach, and the @$$hole in front of K insisted on leaning all the way back so that his head was in her crotch. The service and the food are passable.

Our hotel (The Holiday Inn Express) is right near the main train station, within striking distance of most major attractions, and has free breakfast. The radiant heating on the bathroom floor is a little weird, and of course the double room has twin beds, but it's uberclean and is perfect for sleeping.

I've noticed that there are tons of Italians here. If you knocked me out and dropped me on the Charles Bridge, I would think I were in Rome with all of the teenagers five-deep smoking, making out, and talking about life.