Sunday, November 12, 2006

Proof I Can Bake Too!

This weekend my friend F turned 29. She didn't want to do a big-deal shindig, and she didn't want her mom slaving over a stove for four days either (it's a genetic trait in Italian women that kicks in during pregnancy). So we ordered in heaps of Chinese food, and I baked a cake, a Bundt no less. It was not from scratch; I used the souped-up (or rather, puddinged-up) version on the side panel of the Duncan Hines Devil's Food box. I guess everyone liked it because the next morning I got the following text message:
Yay. Cake for breakfast! thanks again!
Last month I also baked Jason the apple cake, that was supposed to be for Rosh Hashanah, but ended up being more of a Harvest Cake. At first I thought I burned it, but it was just that the sides and top turned very golden-brown. Brought some of it to work and gave some to mom. It was very moist and crumbly, but it tasted good. I also brought in our homemade pumpkin bars after Halloween, and they hardly lasted two minutes during our morning meeting.

Yeay for baked goods, especially when they come out of my oven.