Thursday, June 22, 2006


My cousin and I took a trip to Puerto Rico in between my jobs. We were expecting some nice beach time, lots of sun, and fruity drinks poolside. The forecast for the next few days is :
  • today - PM thunderstorms (this is accurate so far)
  • tomorrow - PM thunderstorms
  • Saturday - rain (we are supposed to go snorkelling or kayaking)
  • Sunday - partly cloudy

Of course with my luck, the damn sun will come out as we are flying out of San Juan. Ho hum.

Even though I've been here before, briefly, I forgot how American this island really is. I feel like it is a hotter, tropical, version of New York, with all the fast food chains and Spanish language signs. Every time I try to talk to people in Spanish, they answer me in English. We are staying at the Holiday Inn Isla Verde. This is within walking distance of the airport, but I believe we have to jump a fence to get in - not going to happen, what with the size of my cousin's luggage. Plus, there is bird shit on most of the pool lounge chairs. Yech.


Rev. Lick said...

That's PR for you. They answer in English because they don't speak real Spanish, it's all Puertoriqueno. Really, native spanish speakers can't understand them.

An island I have fond memories of leaving, and hopefully not returning ;).