Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Tao of Blackjack

  1. Play the odds unless you are by yourself. Splitting 10's is not pro-social behavior. Plus, it throws off the chi of the table.
  2. Leave the table immediately if people do not follow Rule 1.
  3. Never play against the dealer alone. One hundred bucks will evaporate in five minutes.
  4. Never listen to a pit boss who tries to convince you to play against the odds.
  5. Make sure the dealer does not take away your money on a winning hand - they can be sneaky!

I loved my dealer last night (yes, I'm in Vegas for trip #6). She told me that I look younger than 26 - I still got It!!! My secret is moisturizer, honest. Nothing frightens me more than scalpels, barbed threads, or botulinum toxin entering my body. [shudder]