Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Proof I Can Cook

Sunday dinner went well. This was a Chrismukah gift to J since it's his favorite dish, and I invited friends to treat them as well and minimize the amount of leftovers. I cooked the sauce and meatballs under my mom's supervision with my great-grandmother's pot, which proved interesting for transporting back to my apartment. Luckily, I managed to get home without spilling very hot tomato sauce in my car with light gray interior. As a plus, I got a Sicilian twist from Joe's Sicilian, where I worked in high school (more on them another time). There was only enough pasta left over for one serving, and, more importantly, he didn't break up with me. Yeay!!!!! He even helped me clean everything up, which was a huge help.

Chris and Heidi brought me Pasta Red from Knapp Vineyards, which they bought at the Finger Lakes Wine Festival last July. It was good. This year, I think I will buy a case as well. It's a good complement to marinara sauce and is smooth and easy to drink.

Afterwards, J and I watched the Sopranos. This episode inspired a lot of mixed emotions. All HBO original series are all over the place in the first episode. As my friend Argun describes it, it seems like Chase is "masturbating all over the screen." There is too much going on. They focused too much on peripheral characters, and the tie-in to the guy from Celebrity Fit Club got really stale. I saw the suicide coming a mile away. I miss Adriana. Drea De Matteo is from Whitestone, gotta support the hometown gals. There are so many product placements but no really good ones like the Uncle Ben's inspiring a panic attack with Meadow was dating Noah. Besides the obvious ones like the cereal, the new cellphone, and the Porsche, Carmela wore that Vera Wang flower pin to death. There were a couple of holy-shit moments tho, one of which should make the rest of the season really interesting. Janice having a baby? Charmaine and Artie back together? Junior shooting Tony? Holy shit!

Big Love was, for lack of a better word, eh. I am really not interested in how (HBO thinks) polygamous couples live in Utah, with the ED, budget problems, secrecy, and all that stuff. It wasn't that engulfing. Random sighting: Pedro's girlfriend from Napoleon Dynamite plays one of the fast-food joint servers.

Next Sunday is the Feast of St. Joseph, so I think I will have folks over before the Sopranos for some good ol' sfingi and zeppole. If you've never had them, all you need to know is they are cream puffs on steroids that beat the hell out of corned beef and cabbage ;)