Friday, February 10, 2006

Bienvenidos a Miami

As luck would have it, there is another conference. This week it's in Miami, which means I got to work from home on Monday and Tuesday (yes!). However, this is not as poshy-posh as some of the others I've attended. For one, it is at an airport hotel, not somewhere swank on South Beach. Second, it is warmer right now in NYC than it is here. This is not beach or pool lounging weather (perhaps it was planned that way so as not to distract us from the conference?). The sponsors did OK with tonight's cocktail hour tho. Wish, the rooftop bar at The Hotel was really nice. Someone made it into the pool, but on purpose. The random post-party ended up at the Delano's pooside bar (guess everyone was in the chlorine mood). The infinity pool had a ledge that made dipping toes in convenient. 'Twas fun for all, until someone did a cannonball into the pristine blue and was hauled out, without his shoes. When munchies strike, there is a great 24-hour diner across the street that serves Cuban food, kinda like a Cuban Denny's. Joe and I enjoyed dirty rice, maduros, and garlicky yuca on the cab ride back to the Hovel - delicioso!

Chalking these two hotels on the To Stay list...